Sunday, June 3, 2012

May Photo Challenge Contest Winners!

First place winner of the May Photo Challenge is - Elisabeth!  Congratulations Elisabeth on winning "Come What May" on DVD.

First Place Winner

          Second place goes to - Western Belle!  Congratulations Western Belle on winning a Do-It-Yourself Calendar kit!

Second Place Winner

Didn't win first or second place?  That's ok!  I wanted to be able to offer a special prize to each girl who entered this contest and so I made up a bunch of springtime, hair flowers!

To claim your prizes, please email your name and address to   If you entered the competition and would like a hair flower, please also include the name of your first to favorites.  (Listed below each picture)  Send in your email soon!  It's first come, first serve to claim your favorite!  

Twin Roses

Blue Spiral Rose

Turquoise Rag Rosette

Purple Rosette

Turquoise  Blossom


Violet Rose

Purple Daisy

Turquoise Daisy  (I have two of these!
A large and a medium - as seen in picture)

Blue Carnation

Blue Rose


  1. Congrats, Elizabeth and Western Belle!

    God bless,

  2. Elizabeth and Western Belle definitely earned it, their pictures are gorgeous! Very inspiring!