Friday, June 15, 2012

Discovery Friday - Cool Craft & Decorating Ideas

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Who doesn't like unique and amazing craft ideas?  I sure do!  I recently discovered these unique ideas and I certainly plan  to at least try the bottom three for decorating my room!

<<  Who would have thought?  Coffee filter, flower baskets!  How fun!

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A paper plate seahorse?  I love it!!!

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What a GREAT way to decorate candle holders!  I plan to make several of these and flower vases too!

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 This idea is certainly a must try!  .... Though, I haven't decided what I must try it on quite yet.

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What a fun idea!  I was looking for a way to decorate the outlet covers in my room - and now I have it!

Do you have any unique craft ideas?  Share them with me!

~ Missy


  1. Oh...those look like fun! Great ideas!


  2. I'm glad you like them! I hope to try out a few of them in my room. :)