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Duct Tape Dating

Duct Tape Dating

Posted by Missy on March 18th, 2011

          In late 2007, while preparing to speak at a girl‘s purity conference, I was sitting in my room with two subjects on my mind - Relationships and duct tape.   I don’t know if it was something I ate or just another one of my weird, random moments, but, suddenly I had a strange notion come into my head...  What would happen if

Quick Tip - Kitchen

Quick Tip!
Posted by Missy on March 24th, 2011

Do you use SOS pads to help with cleaning in your kitchen? If so you may have struggled with the same problem that I have encountered - Rust.  If SOS pads are not used up soon enough, the water left in the pad after it was used will cause it to rust.  To stop this, simply place the partially used SOS pad in a small ziplock bag then freeze it!  This little trick stops the pad from rusting.  To use again, simply remove it from the freezer and use it!

Quality Christian Books

Hinds Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard

A girl who is troubled by this world learns how to follow her Shepherd through many dangers and tribulations, but all the more learning to be His little hand-maiden who follows Him no matter what.  ~ Lisa
 If by Amy Carmichael

Ever find yourself having a bad day, and needing something to right your attitude or encourage you to do the right thing?  If you want a little book that has encouraging thoughts for the day that will make your focus toward Christ, this book would be perfect you!  I love reading the little nuggets of wisdom from Amy Carmichael! ~Lisa

Preparing Your Footsteps to Follow a Path

Preparing Your Footsteps to Follow a Path
Posted by Lisa on March 28th, 2011
As humans, we have many life decisions to make.  It is important that we align our footsteps with those paths which God has designed girls and women for.  I have found that I have a little different strategy when compared to many.  I have found two sets of people: those who believe that a woman should have only a career, and those who believe that a woman should only remain at home.  In my life, I have combined the two.  I have attended college and am within two months of, Lord willing, gaining my Bachelor’s of Science.  Work-wise, I have


Rapunzel's Resource

The topic is hair!  If you are looking for a few great hairstyles, I highly recommend visiting "Rapunzel's Resource"!  I have long hair and have found many helpful hairstyles on this blog.  ~ Missy

Rapunzel's Resource


Missy's Photography

Missy’s Photography is a Christian based business that strives to live out Biblical principles in a modern day world.


Chipmunk's Corner

It's our very own writer, Chip!  Chipmunk's Corner is a fun place if you like costumes, beauty secrets and many other fun tips!  ~ Missy

Chipmunk's Corner

Encouraging Masculinity and Femininity

Encouraging Masculinity and Femininity

Originally posted by Chip on October 21 2010
I have found that a man will usually be as much of a gentleman as a lady requires and probably no more. -Elisabeth Elliot
How very true.  How often do we ladies look at the current state of masculinity and shake our heads -- taking one look and deciding that there's no gentlemen left.  I find that especially true of

Yard Sale Yarn

Yard Sale Yarn
Posted by Missy on March 18th, 2011

Below is a blanket I crocheted using yarn from a few different yard sales.   All together the coast was probably around $2 and of course the time it took to make it.

Feminine, Modest, Pretty, and Cheap!

Feminine, Modest, Pretty, and Cheap!

Posted by Missy on March 19th, 2011

Finding modest dresses with the fashions of today is hard!  This is a dress that I found at a thrift store for four ($4?!) dollars!  I couldn't believe it!  Of course, if I weren't wearing an undershirt with it, it would be to low.  But I plan to alter that.  When I get the chance I'm going to make an undershirt that will bring up the neckline in the front and back of the dress.  

If I would have had to pay full price for it, I would have never bought something that I had to alter, but for $4 - I don't mind doing

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers!

Posted by Lisa on March 27th, 2011

Well, to clarify the last post of "Pre-Wedding Bloopers!" posted by Missy last week -- I do want to say that Missy does now have the pattern (I think -- perhaps she can tell us if she has opened it yet!) so hopefully she can begin work on her dress!  :) 

However, on an entirely different topic, I have greatly enjoyed working with arranging the wedding flowers!  As I mentioned in my first wedding post, "Make it, Do it, Enjoy it," I am doing my own flowers and many of them are silk.  The only ones which are not done, actually, are the real flowers which my bridesmaids and I will be carrying.  However, I worked with one of my closest friends who spent two nights with me last week and we successfully arranged all of the silk flowers which needed arranging! 

Sorry for a rather messy picture, but this is a real,
down-to-earth picture of what actually happened! :)

So what do you need to have in order to arrange your flowers?

"Healthy, Stove-top, Apple Dessert!"

"Healthy, Stove-top, Apple Dessert!"
Posted by Missy on March 19th, 2011

This is an easy, healthy, stove-top apple dessert!

First, begin by chopping four medium to large apples.

Place the apples in a medium sauce pan, add 1/2 water, cover, and turn the burner on high.

Books for Girls!

Stepping Heavenward by Elizabeth Prentiss

 A story of a girl who starts out as a non-believer and struggles in many petty feminine issues, this book covers the transformation of a non-believing girl to a Christian woman.  A beautiful story of understanding growth in Christ and true Christian beauty, this is a wonderful book for any Christian girl who loves to read! ~Lisa


Beautiful Girlhood by Karen Andreola

Most literature today for girls is not centered on purity and godliness.  So a wonderful book for young girls and ladies alike is Beautiful Girlhood by Karen Andreola.  It talks about a variety of topics from clothing, purity, boys, books, parents, siblings, and more!  Pick it up today, and you might not be able to put it down!  ~Lisa

Pre-Wedding Bloopers

Pre-Wedding Bloopers!
Posted by Missy on March 18th, 2011

Every bride goes through wedding bloopers!  It's a part of the package! So instead of letting these bloopers stress you out even more - take a deep breath and have a good laugh!  I'm not a bride but I've been having fun laughing with Lisa over her wedding bloopers.  A really funny one was discovered today!

Lisa had sent me the pattern and fabric for my bridesmaid dress.  Everything looked to be in order

Ring on Her Finger

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ring on Her Finger
Song and Music written by Missy
April 2, 2009

Copyright 2011 All rights reserved

Verse 1:
In a world of lust and unfaithfulness
Where waiting is scorned,
If you look, you'll see a simple
On her finger is worn.
It's a sign that she's waiting on God,
To write her love story.

Ready Lunches (Pt. 1)

Ready Lunches, pt. 1
Posted by Lisa on March 21, 2011
In our family we have a structured meal, a somewhat structured meal, and a non-structured meal.  Dinner is always made by Mom and we almost always eat as a family (structured).  Breakfast usually consists of a Green Smoothie (post on those coming up soon!) and maybe some other item which Mom makes and my Mom, siblings, and I eat sometime (sometimes together, other times not) after my Dad leaves early in the morning (somewhat structured).  Lunch is....lunch.  It is non-structured, often consisting of left-overs and make it yourself.  The problem with lunch is we often throw together a bunch of non-healthy and expensive snacks.  So today my sister and I pre-made several lunches which we could freeze down in order to cut down on costs and reduce snacking.  Today we made two types of lunches - macaroni & cheese and pizza!  For today we'll go over the macaroni and cheese aspect (I'll post more about our ready to go pizzas later)!
There are only four simple ingredients to create this ready-to-go lunch before freezing it down for a future lunch time:

Bonkers for Baskets

"Bonkers for Baskets"
By Missy Rose

If you hadn't guessed already, I love baskets!  They are not just cute but great for organization and much prettier then ordinary bins.  If you have recently looked at the price baskets in the store, you may have been as shocked as I was to see how much they coast!  Well, there is still hope!  Here are a bunch of baskets that I have found at thrift stores and yard sales for a fraction of what it would coast in the store.

My first basket I found at a yard sale for $1.00.  When I checked the price of baskets like it in the store, I found that this one was worth $15 - $20!!!  It had a little bit of

With a Little Bit of Pocket Change

Welcome to "With a Little Bit of Pocket Change!"
By Missy Rose

Whether you are a married or will remain single for life, I believe that God has called every woman to be a home maker in one way or another.  America is so "stuff" driven.  If you can afford it - buy it!  And if you can't afford it?  Buy it anyways!  The more you spend and the more stuff you own - the more you yourself are worth!  The newest electronics, the brand of clothing you wear, all these things that drive us really have no value in the end.   Fashions change, your new phone will be

Make it, Do it, Enjoy it

Make it, Do it, Enjoy it
Posted by Lisa, February 28, 2011

I’ve watched many brides do their own weddings, each struggling to stay on budget.  It would be difficult indeed if you bought everything, catered everything, and needed everything to be just the style and fashion of the world at that moment.  But what’s the fun in that?

Walking into a bridal store, you can “oooooh” and “ahhhhh” of the pretty gowns and shake your heads over the ugly and immodest ones.  But take a look at the price tag; you probably are thinking more of the word “ouch” at that moment.  The same can go for wedding cakes.  Wedding cakes are a centerpiece at the reception, and you want it to look nice.  However, between the wedding dress and the wedding cakes, most brides spend a minimum of $3,000!  A minimum.  And $3,000 is higher than my entire budget for my wedding!

So how do we get around this typical American fashion of spending money for everything you need and don’t need?  There are three words to explain this:

Even if He Does Not - Part 2

Even if He Does Not (Part 2)

Originally posted by Chip in December 2009
Wow. . . talk about a long cliff-hanger.  I truly did not mean to let so much time pass without completing this article.  But, some brief news before I continue this story -- I am hoping to do a serious remodel of Pure Femininity -- including the design.  I have also enlisted some help with the writing, as I do not feel that this website is one that should be done solo.

But, back to the fate of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. . .

We left off with our three heroes being thrown into the

Even if He Does Not

Even if He Does Not

Originally Posted by Chip in December 2009

I can hardly believe that I started this blog so long ago and then completely dumped it.  Life’s been crazy.  . . in both good and not so good ways.  But in all things I am learning to remember that God is enough. More than enough.  I don’t always remember it, but when I do, it makes all the difference.

Anyway . . . I babysat three kids about once a week. They’re great fun and I am getting to love doing it.  For a few hours I get to be a mom.  It’s certainly not always

The Fear of the Natural Cure

“The Fear of the Natural Cure”
Posted by Missy on March 21st, 2011

         As an introduction I would like to say that I am not a health expert and nothing health related that I write about should ever be taken as medical advice.   I have a very strong interest in the area of treating diseases and other health problems naturally because myself and my family have all struggled with different health issues and have had great success with the things we’ve learned.  This topic is something that I have been learning about and studying for a few years and I have seen great results as well as hearing the testimonies of others who found a natural solution.
First, I would like to tackle the fear that so many people seem to have of taking herbs to fix health problems.  
Everyone knows that  fruits and vegetables are good for you, well, herbs, minerals, and other nutrients that are found in herbal stores or even in the store are just as natural as eating an orange or banana.  However, just as anything else, if you get too much, yes, it’s bad and can cause serious harm. You just have to use good common sense.   One thing that surprises me every time is when I hear someone who is

Essential Oils (pt. 1)

Essential Oils (pt. 1) 
Posted by Lisa, March 20, 2011

Have you ever been in a situation where you feel awful, but don't want to take the medicine in the cabinet?  Well, here is a healthy, all natural solution for you!  They are called essential oils.  While I have not learned as much about them as I hope to, I have learned a little about my two favorite oils thus far -- peppermint oil and lavender oil.  The two of these combined have been extremely useful to me in my life.  

In the midst of studying and other busy moments, I occasionally get headaches.  When they are smaller headaches, I try my best to ignore them.  But if they get really bad, it's hard to get everything accomplished at the same time.  But now instead of debating for several hours

Supper on the Spot

Supper on the Spot
Posted by Missy on March 18th, 2011

          Typically, I’m known for cooking very healthy meals but, when cooking for someone else’s kids, in a different kitchen then I‘m used to, this can be difficult, especially when it seems like they didn’t leave anything interesting to cook!  Last night while babysitting, I had this problem… What to cook?!?   And what to cook with such a small selection of food?!?  Here’s what I found to work with.  Two chicken breasts, some home made bread, a couple of eggs, and a yellow pepper.  I also found a variety of spices hidden away in the cupboard.   The challenge was on! What could I find to make with these few ingredients?  Here’s what I made!

Taking two chicken breasts, place them in an uncovered sauce

True Beauty

True Beauty 
Posted by Lisa, March 21, 2011

Every girl has a desire to be beautiful.  They want to look pretty, be thought of as pretty, and feel pretty.  What girl doesn’t like dressing up in beautiful gowns and fancy hair styles?  But how do we, as ladies, really go about making ourselves beautiful? 

Most girls in our day and age accomplish it quite simply.  They paint themselves past recognition in makeup, wear provocative, revealing, and tight clothing, and act boisterously to gain attention.  Their level of “beauty” is often measured by how many girls look to her as the cutest leader or by how many guys think of her as “cute” and “sexy” and have crushes on her.  As they come into this world of “beauty,” she continues her acts of gaining attention in a revealing and impure way.  She dates around, treating each guy as she would a new pair of cute shoes: she tries them on for a day or two, wears them around for a week or so, and then tosses them without a care into the back of the closet where she never really thinks of them again.  But is this true beauty?

Of course not.  In Louisa May Alcott’s book, The Old Fashioned Girl, we see the rich girls with fancy dresses who have many “friends.”  Yet Polly, an old fashioned girl

Quick Tip - Organization

Quick Tip
Posted by Missy on March 19th, 2011

Need a quick organizing tip?  

I picked up four of these little baskets from the dollar store and used them to organize my socks - etc drawer! 

Usually this drawer is about the most disorganized spot in my bedroom but these baskets helped a ton!  Now I can just toss my socks into one basket and not worry about them getting mixed up with everything else as I open and close the drawer!  I love organization. 

Called to be Holy - Part Two

Called to be Holy - Part Two

Originally Posted by Chip - November 2009


I love the NIV translation of 1 Peter 1:13-16:
Therefore, prepare your minds for action; be self-controlled; set your hope fully on the grace to be given you when Jesus Christ is revealed. As obedient children, do not conform to the evil desires you had when you lived in ignorance. But just as he who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do; for it is written: “Be holy, because I am holy.”
(Emphasis mine)

God longs to be close to us. All through the Bible we see God saying how he wants a people that he can call His. A people He can live with. But God is holy. So very holy.  The closer we want to get to God, the holier we have to be.  Every st

Called to be Holy - Part One

Called to be Holy - Part One

Originally posted November 2009 by Chip

Given that our relationship with God should always be the foundation for our life, I have written this article partly as a way to share some of what I’ve learned, and as a personal journey for myself as well.
Through both the Old and New Testament we can see God longing for a holy people:

[Although the whole earth is mine,] you will be for me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.  — Exodus 19:5b-6a NIV
And ye shall be unto me a kingdom of priests, and an holy nation.  –Exodus 19:6a KJV
But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood

Friday, March 18, 2011

My Newest Find!

My Newest Find!
Posted by Missy on March 18th, 2011

Earlier this week, I found this large, laundry basket at the salvation army!  It's brand new, still has the tag and is in perfect condition!  Normally this basket would be worth $50 or more but I bought it for $7.89!
You can find great deals second hand if you are just willing to look for them!

Quick Crafter's Tip

Quick Crafter's Tip
Posted by Missy on March 18th, 2011

For antique looking paper or music to craft with, simply soak the pages in coffee or tea!  It's quick, simple, cheap and great for many different crafting projects!

This is actually a project that Chip was working on that I took pictures of. (Watch out for little sisters) She discovered while doing this project that when soaking pages, the black ink with stay but any other color of ink fades or smudges.  
Just another quick tip!