Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pre-Wedding Bloopers

Pre-Wedding Bloopers!
Posted by Missy on March 18th, 2011

Every bride goes through wedding bloopers!  It's a part of the package! So instead of letting these bloopers stress you out even more - take a deep breath and have a good laugh!  I'm not a bride but I've been having fun laughing with Lisa over her wedding bloopers.  A really funny one was discovered today!

Lisa had sent me the pattern and fabric for my bridesmaid dress.  Everything looked to be in order
and so I didn't even question the fact that the pattern bag seemed to be a bit thinner than a normal pattern.  Today I discovered why.  I started on my practice dress and discovered that the pattern Lisa sent me was actually the one that she had used so, none of the pieces that I needed were in the pattern bag!  The pattern that was supposed to come to me was sitting at Lisa's house, un-opened.  This gave me such a good laugh because it sounds just like a mistake I would make!  I will probably make a very fickle bride someday but I hope to laugh at every mistake along the way!  If you are a bride, I encourage tons of laughter.  Mistakes come with the package so let them become good memories along the way.

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