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Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers!

Posted by Lisa on March 27th, 2011

Well, to clarify the last post of "Pre-Wedding Bloopers!" posted by Missy last week -- I do want to say that Missy does now have the pattern (I think -- perhaps she can tell us if she has opened it yet!) so hopefully she can begin work on her dress!  :) 

However, on an entirely different topic, I have greatly enjoyed working with arranging the wedding flowers!  As I mentioned in my first wedding post, "Make it, Do it, Enjoy it," I am doing my own flowers and many of them are silk.  The only ones which are not done, actually, are the real flowers which my bridesmaids and I will be carrying.  However, I worked with one of my closest friends who spent two nights with me last week and we successfully arranged all of the silk flowers which needed arranging! 

Sorry for a rather messy picture, but this is a real,
down-to-earth picture of what actually happened! :)

So what do you need to have in order to arrange your flowers?  It's REALLY simple.  Just purchase the flowers which you want to use in your wedding, green floral tape, ribbon to match your colors, and maybe some wire if you are doing flowergirl wreaths for their hair.  In other words, this is extremely inexpensive!  Then you simply arrange them how you want to.  And quick hint -- this is YOUR Wedding.  You don't have to follow any certain book, tradition, etc. of how other people have done their floral arrangements!  Do it how you want it!  Have fun with it!  I cannot tell you how many traditions I have broken -- really, it is quite ridiculous.  But the wedding planning is going smoothly, I believe the wedding will be very pretty yet simple, and I am having fun doing it!  So, to give you some possible ideas, here are some pictures of what we did.  :)

The corsages for the ladies.  Made of a single silk rose, with some smaller blue roses.
The corsage stem is wrapped in green floral tape, and tied with a blue ribbon.

These lovely "mess" is the beginning of flowergirl hair wreaths!
You can see the flowers, wire, and the shaped wire covered with green floral tape. 

The finished flowergirl wreaths!

The bow on the back of the flowergirl wreath with my wonderful Mom helped with!

Lastly, the flowergirl baskets.  I purchased the baskets for $1.50 each,.
Then I glued the flowers and wrapped two ribbons around the handle!
I hope you have enjoyed seeing a little bit of what my wedding is going to be designed with in regards to floral arrangements.  But the primary point is -- you can do it for very inexpensive, and have a ton of fun at the same time!  

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