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The Fear of the Natural Cure

“The Fear of the Natural Cure”
Posted by Missy on March 21st, 2011

         As an introduction I would like to say that I am not a health expert and nothing health related that I write about should ever be taken as medical advice.   I have a very strong interest in the area of treating diseases and other health problems naturally because myself and my family have all struggled with different health issues and have had great success with the things we’ve learned.  This topic is something that I have been learning about and studying for a few years and I have seen great results as well as hearing the testimonies of others who found a natural solution.
First, I would like to tackle the fear that so many people seem to have of taking herbs to fix health problems.  
Everyone knows that  fruits and vegetables are good for you, well, herbs, minerals, and other nutrients that are found in herbal stores or even in the store are just as natural as eating an orange or banana.  However, just as anything else, if you get too much, yes, it’s bad and can cause serious harm. You just have to use good common sense.   One thing that surprises me every time is when I hear someone who is
scared to death to try even the simplest natural treatment but will take tons of ibuprofen and heavier drugs that are known to cause serious side effects and even death.  So why is this a fear of so many Americans?  The answer to this question is sad but true…  To state it bluntly, natural cures have been given a bad name due to the drug and medical industry.  This is a multi-million dollar industry  that relies on selling drugs for every ailment to the public.  Selling herbs and minerals however, will never make the millions that drugs will and they cut into that industries business.
Here is a perfect example of how this fear factor is put into place:
Several years ago, there was a woman who overdosed in ephedra and died.  (Ephedra is a herbal remedy that has been used for asthma, hay fever, and the common cold.) This story was hugely broadcast to the point that epheda was banned from the country and made illegal to sell.  One person, dead, and it was banned.
Now here’s the flip side:
Did you know that every year, approximately 400 people die from taking the prescribed dose of Asprin?!?!  Even with that staggering number you can walk into any store and buy a bottle - without even a prescription!   And that’s only Asprin, there are many more drugs that do much worse.

So now the question is, what kinds of things can a natural treatment cure?  Well, if you stick your hand in a lawn mower and lose a finger, I would highly suggest you go to the ER as soon as possible!  But did you know that so many serious diseases are caused by a simple deficiency?!  A quick example of this is - leprosy.  Now leprosy is a disease that is mentioned a lot in the Bible and even though it is rarely heard of anymore, it still exists in third world countries.   Did you know that leprosy is caused by a simple deficiency of vitamin B1?!?  

There is one more reason why natural treatments have a bad name.  This bad name comes from a lot of naturopaths who use things such as tricking the mind, crystal balls, and other practices to supposedly heal people.  Now I call that creepy!  I am not for any of those things.  The things I will be writing about are truly natural, I mean, how more natural can you get than using olive oil and lemon juice to completely dissolve gall stones?!  Not only that but is coasts thousands of dollars less, is a ton less painful - though it might taste gross.

Well, I hope this post has sparked your interest and possibly calmed any fears you may have had about doing things the natural way.  Thanks for reading  ~ Missy

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