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Encouraging Masculinity and Femininity

Encouraging Masculinity and Femininity

Originally posted by Chip on October 21 2010
I have found that a man will usually be as much of a gentleman as a lady requires and probably no more. -Elisabeth Elliot
How very true.  How often do we ladies look at the current state of masculinity and shake our heads -- taking one look and deciding that there's no gentlemen left.  I find that especially true of
my age group (20's) and younger.  There just seem to be no gentlemen left.   

So, I challenge you to look for a gentlemanly qualities in even the most ungentlemanly men.  Surely if we look hard enough we can find them . . . and if we find those traits, we can encourage them.   This isn't an easy task, I know that.  But it is a worthy one. 

Though the following quote doesn't have to do specifically with the issue of gentlemen, it does fit what I just spoke of. 

To get through the hardest journey we need take only one step at a time, but we must keep on stepping. - Chinese Proverb
I also encourage you, as you strive to bring out the gentlemen in the men around you, to work on the lady in you.  Do not be one of those women who dress in a manner that is ungracious or act so, but be a lady who reflects the beauty of the Lord.  True beauty begins with the heart, in your walk with God.  Become more concerned with what pleases Him than what pleases the world.

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