Saturday, April 28, 2012

One Skirt - Three Day, Fashion Challenge

Did you know that 3 +(plus)3 =  9?  
That's right!  Three skirts,
Plus three shirts equals nine outfits!  

Right now, Fresh Modesty,  Bramblewood Fashion,  and Natasha Atkerson are in the middle of holding a One-Skirt, Three Day, fashion challenge!  The goal is to wear one skirt over a three day period and change the style by changing the rest of your attire.  Supposedly, the goal is to take a picture of your new outfit each day and post on the three separate days that the challenge is being held.  Since I knew I would never get around to taking a picture of myself three days in a row - I decided to do it all at once!  I took the challenge a step farther by doing three skirts and three shirts,
creating a total of nine styles.  

My fashion story:  In truth - I am not huge into fashion.  I have no idea what is currently in style and what is not and I don't really like to spend a lot of time shopping or working on my appearance.  The biggest reason for this is - I don't want to be obsessed with it!  My goal in the way that I dress is to help encourage men to be men and women to be women. (And feminine!)  The lines between what is masculine and what is feminine have become so blurred that sometimes it can be
hard to tell one from the other. 
I hope to help change that. 

When I get up in the morning, I want to be able to reach in my closet and put something on quickly without having to worry if it matches or not.  To accomplish this, I try to chose clothes that will go
together in a multitude of ways. 
Above all, I want to please the Lord in the way I dress - in modesty, femininity, and by not obsessing over my appearance.
Also in prudent spending in my choice of clothing! 

And now to break down my different fashions!

1st shirt:  Thrift - $1
Jacket:  Thrift - $4? (I've had it for so many years 
I don't remember what I paid for it!)

2nd shirt:  JC Penny (A gift from my sister so that
we could have matching shirts!) 
I took a $1 undershirt and attached it to this
shirt to make it longer and the neckline higher. 
I really don't like undershirts very much
and so I made two shirts into one!

3rd shirt:  Thrift - $2-3
Jacket:  Thrift $2
(Shirts the same for all posts)

Skirt:  Thrift - $2-3?

2nd Skirt:  Thrift - $4
This is typically more than I
will ever pay for a skirt .
(unless I really really really like it!)
This skirt was an emergency skirt...
Have you ever had one of those!?
After working out at the women's
fitness center one day, I went to change
and realized that I forgot my skirt at home!
I had an important meeting to go to afterward
and I was NOT going to it in my workout clothes!
This skirt isn't quite my style, but it was all I could
buy on such short notice! 
(I've kind of started to like it  a bit more since then) 

3rd Skirt:  Thrift - (I'm sure you saw that coming!) 
This skirt, again, was another gift from my sister.
(Don't I have an awesome sister?)
The middle outfit is my favorite and the one that
I am currently wearing.

1st Shoes:  From my sister's bedroom!  (How handy)
2nd Shoes:  I purchased the 1st pair of shoes (for my siser)
and the 2nd pair from K-Mart when they were going out of
business.  I think they were either 75 or 80% off!  (About $6-$7?)
3rd Shoes:  Thrift - (Don't worry, I cleaned them really well) $4

I hope these outfits encourage you that it is possible to dress, feminine, modestly, and with prudent spending!

~ Missy


  1. Great job, I love all of the outfits you put together! I think the brown skirt is my favorite, I'm a sucker for fuller skirts!

  2. Super cute outfits, Missy! I really love how you mixed and matched 3 skirts and 3 shirts. :)

  3. Wow! You really went for it! I love all three of your skirts and I think it's amazing how you used the same three shirts and it all matches and works! I am in awe, girl!

    Say x

  4. You are like me! Refuse to pay full price for cute clothes!
    I'm starting a blog kind of like this it opens May 1st. Check it out! I also have another blog that I keep up on to.

    Leah Nicolette

  5. Thats a really neat idea! I should try that sometime :)

  6. I love it! I'm not really into fashion either, I just wear whatever and try to look presentable! I say break all the fashion rules and do what you like. :D

  7. I have shirt number 2! So cute! Love this idea... so many cute combos!

  8. Hi Missy,
    You did a fantastic job of creating all these outfits, super cute! And thrift stores are the best, it's really amazing what you you can find there, at at such fantastic prices!


  9. great! Cool idea

  10. WOW! Thank you all for your abundance of comments on this post! It's been so good hearing from all of you!