Friday, April 27, 2012

Boards Books for Babies!

Soo...when my baby was born I KNEW I wanted certain board books.  The question do I get them???  And I am thrilled to say, I figured out how! :) I first found this site:  They have great deals on board books and I bought their pack of four.  These books are about 5"x7" (estimating) and are a GREAT size.  They come with pre-set-up software to print the pictures or words or story or whatever on...but it is simple enough that everyone can use it.  (It is just powerpoint or word.) Then they send the labels to print on.  At first I was a little nervous about using all of this, but I figured it was my best shot for the price.  

When I received my books the other day, I decided I wanted a practice book.  This became my "Book of Shapes." 
At a young age it is said that babies focus best on simple shapes with black and white colors.  So that is what we did. :)  We meaning my brother and me.  He was a terrific help.  As I put together the book, I was really happy I made a practice one as I got a lot of flaws worked out (although there are still some I am actively working on!). 

First step was I set up my powerpoint with my black and white shapes.  Then I printed them on a test sheet of paper to make sure I had the proper layout.  When I found that I did, I printed them on the labels that Blank Slate Books sent to me.  From there, I took those labels and stuck each label on a page.  I found I needed to be careful not to smudge the ink while putting them on and not to crinkle the stickers as I laid them down.  

However, I realized that this is a boardbook for a baby.  It is going to get sucked, chewed, drooled, and spit-up on - among other things, I am sure.  And my printer is ink...that smears.  These books weren't going to work as just a sticker with ink slapped on the book.  So I found some one-sided self-laminating sheets.  I cut them to appropriate sizes (or rather, my brother did) and then we covered each sticker with those.  Now they are more "baby-proof!" I was thrilled.  The "My Book of Shapes" has its flaws, for sure - crinkled stickers, some smeared ink, and crinkled laminating sheets...  But all around, I think it is a great "first-made board book" and I still plan on using it for my little boy.

Then I started working on the ones I REALLY wanted.  The one I wanted to share with you all today is the "Daddy & Me" book.  Since my husband is gone so much, I wanted to have a book that I could read to our little guy every evening about him and his daddy on the nights that daddy cannot be there to tuck him in to bed.  So I made one.  I haven't finished it, as I wanted to save some space for upcoming times.  Because of this, I left three blank pages and the back of the board book for new events that I am sure will happen shortly.  :)  The first 7 pages and the front of the boardbook I completed.  There are some flaws, for sure.  Still some crinkled stickers and laminating sheets -- but definitely NOT as many as the shapes book.  And all around -- I LOVE it.  I thought you would like to see it, too.  
Hope you enjoy it!  I am in the process of making a "My Family" book for our little one now - featuring a page for us (my husband and I), and then one page for each of his grandparents, aunts, and uncles.  I am excited to see how it turns out! :)

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