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How to Grow Long Hair - Pt 2

Tips for growing your hair long:

1:) The first and best possible tip for growing long hair is:  Learn to be content with the hair that you already have.  If you are constantly wishing for different hair and trying to change the hair you have, then it is very likely that you will become discouraged and end up having it chopped off.  Contentment is the first step to long hair.

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2:) Avoid using heat whenever possible.  Hair dryers, straighteners, curling irons are detrimental to your hair.  Constant use of these items permanently damages the hair you have and even effects the hair that you have not yet grown.  This doesn’t mean to completely end the use of these items but at least dramatically limit the use of them.

3:) Rinse your hair with cool or cold water whenever possible.  I have friends in the hair industry that could scientifically explain to you why hot water irritates your hair and causes frizzy ness, but I don’t remember the smart sounding explanation so just trust me - Cold water is better for your hair.  I don’t use cold water all of the time when rinsing my hair because I don’t like to be cold, but if I can do a final rinse on at least most of my hair without freezing myself, then I make the effort to.  I usually notice that it is much less frizzy.

4:) Limit the use of styling products.  Hairspray, gel, moose - all such things are typically not good for your hair.  If you need something to help, try looking up natural alternatives that are actually healthy.  There are some neat options out there!   

5:)  On the days when you do end up using a curling iron or another heated object on your hair, make sure that you DO use a lot of hairspray, moose or other styling products.  Such products coat your hair and help prevent it from the damaging effects of heat.

6:)  Trim your hair often.  (Every 8-10 weeks)  If you are trying to grow your hair out long, trimming it often may sound like a horrible approach to achieving your goal - but it’s worth it.  I used to have hair down past my hips but it was full of split ends, very unhealthy and hard to take care of so I finally cut most of it off.  After that,  I determined that if I was going to have hair that long again, it was going to be healthy!  I have not regretted it. Healthy long hair is so much better!  Plus, supposedly your hair will grow faster if you trim it more often, and even if it doesn’t, it’s still more healthy and that is much better!  When you trim your hair that often, very little has to be taken off.  I have learned how to stylishly trim my own hair and save a bit of money - I also enjoy doing it.

7:) Be gentle.  I can’t tell you how many times I have watched as girls rip a brush carelessly through their hair or thoughtlessly pulled out a hair band while not even considering what they were doing to their hair!  When brushing, be gentle.  Start at the bottom, brushing out the tangles and work your way up.  When removing a hair band, remove it just as you put it in by unwinding it instead of just pulling it out.  Avoid the use of hair items that tend to take hair with them when they are removed.  Treat your hair with care as your glory instead of like it‘s damage proof!

8:)  Get the proper nutrition you need.  The typical American diet does not promote health and most of the food packages that say they are healthy and provide the minerals and vitamins you need, usually don’t actually do what they say.  Consider taking minerals or a green or fruit powder drink in the mornings when you wake up.  Getting proper nutrition is worth looking into for much more than just healthy hair.

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9:)  I read once that messaging your scalp regularly is supposed to stimulate hair growth and help rid your head of toxins.  I also read that rubbing peppermint oil into the scalp can help with stimulation.  I have not yet tried peppermint oil but I plan to if I can remember to do it before I wash my hair instead of after!

10:) You probably have heard it before, but gelatin is supposed to do wonders for hair and nails.  Try drinking a little bit of plain gelatin mixed into warm water every day.

11:)  Different herbs are great for the health and color of hair.  I have blonde hair so I use chamomile tea as a rinse after washing my hair.  It’s great for the health of my hair and it really brings out the natural color.  My sister has brown hair and so she uses rosemary and sage  Different herb tea’s are great for different hair types.

12:)  1-2 times a month, it’s great to give your hair a honey - olive oil treatment.  Warm olive oil and honey on the stove until the honey is pure liquid.  Make sure not to boil it or the honey, when cool, will harden and be horrible to get out of your hair! Just make it warm to the touch but not hot and that will be perfect. Generously coat your hair rubbing it into your scalp and combing it through the rest to be sure that every strand is coated.  Put your hair up in a shower cap or plastic bag with a towel turban.  (How cute!)  This helps the oil stay warm and your hair will soak it in better.  Leave the oil/honey on your head for an hour, any longer will not make a difference.  When showering, using shampoo twice is usually necessary to remove all of the oil.  

I hope these tips will help you to grow long, healthy hair.  Let me know what you think!

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