Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Getting to Know Him

It’s 10am.  A pretty girl is sitting at her computer going through the list of things that must be done today: homework, chores, family time, work, and other odds and ends that make up a huge list.  It seems impossible to get it all done.  On top of that, there is, of course, Bible time that should take a priority.  With a sigh, the girl decides she needs a break or she’ll go crazy.  She logs into her computer, checks her email, chats with a few friends, and reads some Christian blogs.  While reading the blogs, she posts a few comments while talking to her friends for about an hour.  Then she returns to the crazy tasks of the day.  But at the end of the day, she crawls into bed realizing that she never got to Bible time.  In exhaustion she says, “I’ll get to it tomorrow” and falls asleep.

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 Sound familiar?  I am guessing it does.  We’ve all done it at some point.  And for a day or two, it’s actually somewhat understandable.  I don’t think it is excusable, because Jesus should be our all and we should always make time for Him.  However, life does get crazy and it does happen, whether it should or should not.  The problem with this scenario is that it can often go on for days, weeks, or months – always so busy that we never make time for Him. 

What is interesting to me, is that in order to make ourselves feel better, we often read Christian blogs online and post short comments saying that we agree or longer comments expounding on some topic…  And that somehow makes us feel spiritual or like we have spent our Christian-time that was required of us for that day.  Christian blogs are good.  They can be very encouraging and helpful.  However, they should never ever be a substitute for reading His Word, the Bible. 

It is curious to me how we work as humans.  We can’t make time for reading and studying His Word – but if you think about it, we probably have plenty of time.  We just think of texting and chatting with our friends, email writing, and blog reading as one of the priorities of life.  We probably (or at least, most of us probably) spend 2-3 hours doing these activities each day.  If we even took ¼ or ½ of that time, we would have plenty of time to study His Word and truly get the time we need to learn about Him.

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 I’m not trying to judge anyone or condemn anyone here.  Trust me, I’ve done this too.  But I am trying to encourage all of us to truly make time for Him.  He gave us His all, the least we can do is at least make sure He gets some time of day from us.  It is important to spend time in His Word – it’s what gives us direction, helps us grow in Him, helps us make wise decisions, and so much more.  Oftentimes I think we do things because we want others to think positively about us.  This drives us to read what everyone else reads, comment on posts, and write blogs that say a lot of good things.  And none of these are bad things.  In fact, they can be very good things.  Missy, Chip, and I like writing for our blogs.  We like commenting on other people’s blogs and we love reading your blogs and comments on our blog.  But if we did only those things and didn’t spend time in His Word, that would be very serious.  The Word keeps us grounded…not blogs and comments. 

I hope that you will be encouraged to really get to know Him – to study, read, and pray.  Spend time with Him.  He is amazing and He leads and guides us faithfully.  The least we can do is give Him some of our time.  And I know you won’t regret doing it! 

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  1. Thank you, Sarah! This is somewhere where I have a LOT of growing to do. I always try to get my Bible reading done in the morning, before I have to face anyone. But sometimes...well, it just doesn't get done. Thanks again!