Thursday, October 25, 2012

What's at the Heart of Modesty?

A friend and I were talking a while back (you may notice a trend in my posts…oftentimes I get ideas from conversations with others) and we were discussing what is at the heart of modesty.  Some think of it as shame.  Modesty and fully covering one’s self is because you should be ashamed of what you could do with yourself…like use your body wrongly.  But this is completely not the reason why modesty is so important.

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 Modesty, on the contrary, is to protect a precious pearl.  You are beautiful.  God created you beautiful and exactly the way you should be.  And that is amazing.  However, God also created you to share your life in that special way for that one special guy.  Modesty, covering one’s self appropriately, and acting in a ladylike and godly manner, protects that pearl and saves it from the harsh elements of the world.  If exposed, that pearl is beaten and chipped until it is barely recognizable as the beautiful pearl that God created.  But if we behave according to how He would want us to, it is a beautiful thing that we cherish and modesty is one of the means we have in protecting that. 

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  1. Thank you, Sarah! This is so true! I totally agree.