Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Take a Hold of Life - By Guest Writer Western Belle

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My life is not that hard. My responsibilities include household chores, my dog, and helping around the house (as well as getting school done.)

But even so, I can find it difficult to be cheerful and to have a good attitude. Sometimes it may be because I feel unwilling to help and be pleasant or I put aside all thoughts of humility and grace and make entirely unnecessary comments.
Mostly, this is just me not wanting swallow my pride. Who wants to be the one always losing trivial debates? That one is hard for me. But it seems, one little step in a good direction is helpful. Just learning to say, "Ok, I'm not going to say anything and just walk away" can be hard but can also be rewarding.

It can be hard to not make a comment back, it can be hard to get up and help with work, and it can be hard to be cheerful even in glum moments. But when you fill the urge to say something cutting back just because you might not be in a good mood, you can't ever take back those painful, cutting, or cruel words.

Another things is that life is EXCITING! You might not be going to the moon tomorrow but whether you are or not learn to take a hold on life.
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Here are things that are exciting and I am thankful for:

1) My family. I LOVE my family. Even though I can be grumpy and unhappy, my family forgives me.
2) I thankful that I have a Savior. No matter what, God forgives me.
3) I'm soooo happy that my sister has a little son now!

For me, it can be very hard to get motivated. Its hard to get up early and focus on school. Hard to focus onto chores. And even can be hard to get motivated to train Elsie, my border collie.

But I want to take a hold on life and live! God created a beautiful earth that can be photographed, enjoyed, and lived in. He is the Creator of my nephew, family, and me. I want to please my God and my family. I want to learn photography and go to college. To train Elsie tricks and to help out around the house. To have a cheerful and pleasant attitude and become a Biblical woman. And those habits start NOW!

I'm trying to take up a challenge to be cheerful, profitable, helpful, and godly, things I struggle with. Will you?

~Western Belle


Guest writer "Western Belle"  is a fifteen year old girl living at the base of the Rocky Mountains with her fantastic Momma, Daddy and two brothers. She loves her family and her extended family that now consists of a sister, brother-in-law and nephew. She likes to blog, swim, horse-back ride, and train her dog, Elsie.  This is Western Belle's first post on Pure Femininity but we hope to feature her thoughts again sometime int the future

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