Saturday, June 9, 2012

Saturday Smiles: Overwhelmed with Joy

Every morning I wake up to one of the most precious gifts ever.  That gift is the smile and joy from my baby boy.  No matter how long or short, hard or wonderful the previous night has been with a little baby…our little one will wake up with the most joy I think I have ever seen.  Although it might take him five minutes to wake up a little, as soon as he gets out of that sleepy-trying-to-wake-up stage…it is adorable and our hearts melt.  Almost instantly we get the biggest smiles while he has complete joy darting out of his precious bright eyes.

They aren’t just any smiles though.  The smiles take over his whole body.  He twists and squirms and makes adorable sounds, as his whole face becomes a smile.  Watching him simply makes my husband and I laugh and smile, his innocent, precious joy being completely contagious.

But as I watched him the other day, I had to wonder… Are we overwhelmed with the same joy as this precious little one?  Do we wake up every morning loving the day?  Do we understand the joy of having Christ in our life?  I want to be as happy and joyful every day as my little one is in the morning.  Want to join me?

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  1. Oh...sounds like my little brother! Enjoy it while you have it!