Tuesday, April 19, 2011

You Wear a ...... Skirt? (Part 5)

“Weak and Wimpy? Or Femininity?”
Posted by Missy in April 2011

Part 5 of:  “You Wear a ….. Skirt?”

When the time had come for me to move back home, I also knew it was time for me to leave my old church.  There were many reasons that I won’t go into, but I knew it was time for me to leave.  I started to wear skirts more often and also began to study femininity and more about what a Godly woman should look like.  Modesty, was a subject that I had studied, and even spoken on at a girl’s conference, but femininity?   Modesty is greatly important for many reasons, mainly respecting the men around us and not causing them to stumble.  However, most of the girls that I had been around that cared anything for modesty, displayed it in a very boyish fashion. 

Just like a little sister, I was still very influenced by my big sister who had been studying femininity a lot.  I began to see a change in her from a boyishly modest girl to a very beautiful, feminine woman.  She inspired me to find out more about this topic for myself.

I have learned so much since then.  It’s as I always knew - femininity has nothing to do with wearing a skirt, but yes, that can be a major part of it.  True femininity, modesty, purity, all of those things come from within, inside the heart.  Then, it is the overflow of what’s
in the heart, that shows it’s self on the outward appearance.   For years I had fought off the label “weak” or “wimpy” and I really didn’t care to much for the verse in the Bible that says that the woman is the “weaker” vessel.  But as I studied on, I started discovering that when the Bible refers to us as the weaker vessel, it isn’t actually calling us weak.  God’s perfect design for men and women was to create them different from one another.  Different in thoughts, feelings, appearances, and yes, in the way we dress as well.  God did not design us to be slaves to men or to be unequal to them.  He created us equal, but at the same time, made us to be unique from one another.  To the man, He gave the roll of leader and provider, and to the woman He gave the roll of supporter and helper.  Unfortunately, because women were not given the roll of “leader” they think that their roll is somehow less important then the roll of the man and so they fight for that leading position.  This however, completely throws off the perfect balance that God intended.  There can only be one leader, both cannot lead.  But again, women have an equally important roll and the women who discover this, lead a more fulfilled, and happy life then the women who are constantly fighting for that leadership position. 

(Continued in Part 6)

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