Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"True Love ... Waits?" - By Guest Writer, Leah B.

Introducing our FIRST guest writer on Pure Femininity - Leah B!

          'True Love Waits'. It graces our jewelry, clothes, books, and hearts. When we hear it, we are reminded of commitments we have made to staying pure.
And for the record, I agree with it. I have made a commitment to purity, and to wait for my future husband. But the more I think on it, the more I have a problem with the word "wait". The word "wait" usually brings into our mind daydreaming, or perhaps not doing anything. And that is what I disagree with.
Picture this: A Princess has been waiting for her Prince Charming for years. Finally, one day he comes. 
"Princess! I am here!" he joyfully tells her.
"I'm so glad. I've been waiting for you." 
"I know." The Prince said. "Now tell me, what have you been doing while I have been gone?" 
"Waiting." The princess replied.
"Yes, but what else?" The Prince questioned.
"Well, I was waiting so hard that I did not do much else. I was to serve some elderly ladies in the village, but I told them I did not  have time because I was waiting. Oh! And I entered a college, but because I was daydreaming I failed all my courses. I haven't read my Bible much, I've just been so busy. Mother has been asking me to help her in the kitchen, so of course I said no, and..."
I hope I speak for all of us that we never ever want THAT conversation to take place. 
Waiting is not waiting. Waiting is preparing. 
We need to grow, or when our "Prince" comes we simply will not be ready. Grow as a person, learn new things, serve others, study hard. I don't mean prepare ONLY for our Prince... don't go to your local library and check out all the books "How to have a romantic dinner", "romantic sayings", and so on. 
Prepare for life. Live life. Don't just wait. Grow. 

~  Leah B.

(Saddle leather of course ;)


  1. Love it!! Great thoughts, Leah! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wonderful post! I love it and most definitely agree!