Tuesday, April 19, 2011

You Wear a ...... Skirt? (Part 1)

“You Wear a……. Skirt?”
“The story behind why I wear a skirt
And what brought me to making that choice”

Posted by Missy on April 19th, 2011

“Before I begin this article, I would like to state that the issue I am writing about is first of all a matter of the heart. I hope you will keep that in focus as you continue to read.  
Thank you”  ~ Missy

Part 1:  “Tomboy vs. Princess”
If you have ever seen me casually walking down the street, you may have stared for a moment or at least noticed that I did not dress like the typical American 21 year old girl of today.  And why do I look different then most girls now?  Well, I chose to wear a skirt.  To many of you, this may be normal and not something you would think twice about, but to the main population of America, this is strange behavior!   
     Now for the big question - why? 

     Most people tend to assume that I wear skirts because that’s the way I was
raised, but that is not the reason at all.  It’s actually quite the opposite!  I was raised on the side of a mountain as a wild and free, barefoot, tom boy.  Dirt was a very good friend of mine and I wore holes though the knees on all my jeans.  Yes, my sister and I liked to dress up in dresses and dance around at times, but we were just never the princess type.  I would have a friend over and she would play the princess while my sister and I fought over who would get to play the cleaning maid.  In our minds, princesses were spoiled sissies and couldn’t do anything for themselves, while the maid, of course, was smart and could do anything.  The older I grew, the more I became set against anything girly because I had the mindset that girls were weak and wimpy and I really didn’t want to be like that.   But somewhere deep inside me, I knew something was wrong with this outlook. 
100% Tom girl
      Just like most little sisters, I was highly influenced by my big sister and I tried to watch and copy everything she did - to her great annoyance.  When she firmly declared that she hated skirts and would never wear them, I was right along with her, even though secretly, I liked it when mom made me wear a dress on Sundays.  
I felt confused because I wanted to be a little girl but I did not want to be looked at as weak and a wimp.  
In Sunday school, and in our small home school group, I was often the only girl.  Being extremely shy, and in the middle of a bunch of boys was always really hard and it made me even more determined to be tough.  I was so shy that I never did learn to get along with boys, not until my mid-late teens.  At the same time, I couldn’t seem to understand most girls either.  I had never been into the baby doll thing.  My favorite thing to play was cowboys and Indians.  I quickly found out that the little girls I did play with seemed to only like me based on what cool toys I had or if I had a fun house to play in.  Because of this, for the most part, it was almost always just sis and me. 

(Continued in Part 2)

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