Tuesday, April 19, 2011

You Wear a ...... Skirt? (Part 8)

“The Effect”
Posted by Missy in April 2011

Part 8 of:  “You Wear a ….. Skirt?”

In my studies on femininity, I have discovered one thing that always has amazed me.  Because I have switched back and forth between wearing skirts and not, I have seen an amazing change in men’s behavior that I would not have noticed otherwise.  When a women chooses to dress and act in a feminine manner, men turn into gentlemen.  The effect is amazing!  Men who normally would not stop to open a door or carry something for a lady, suddenly think twice about doing so.  Even if they don’t actually act it out, there is a change that often comes over them.  It makes them feel like a man.  After observing this for awhile, I asked several male friends and they confirmed the effect that a woman who dresses feminine has on them.  When a woman accentuates her femininity, this places an emphasis on a man’s masculinity and can bring about an incredible change!  What’s more amazing is that it can have the same effect on men who call themselves gay!  Despite what these men have come to believe, they are still men and oftentimes are effected by femininity just as any other man.    

(Continued in Part 9)

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