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You Wear a ...... Skirt? (Part 9)

“The Reason Behind the Skirt”
Posted by Missy in April 2011

Part 9 of:  “You Wear a ….. Skirt?”

Recently, my sister and I were spending time with someone who is near and dear to my family’s heart.  Sadly, circumstances have made it so we have not been able to be a part of his life until this past year.  During the years that separated us, he declared himself to be gay.  This grieved my family deeply when we learned of it, but we chose to love him in spite of his choices.  The contrast between two girls who had chosen to take a stand for femininity and this man was great, and it had, what I believe was, a positive effect on him.  Of course, at this point in time, I can only guess, but from his response it appeared that we made him feel like a man.  

The mixture of pure femininity, modesty, and unconditional love is, I believe, one of the best ways to reach out to the gay culture that is
increasingly growing and surrounding our lives.  You can be feminine and modest but without this love, the love of Christ, we will only make them feel guilty, put down, and drive them farther away from God and becoming the true men and women that He created them to be.  As it is said, “They will know we are Christians by our love.”

That evening we spent with this family friend impacted my heart and life in a dramatic way.  At that point in time, I had studied enough, and personally seen the impact femininity has on men, to know that it was something I wanted to stand for. But, it never really hit me exactly what that meant until that night.  I have never felt the same since then.  That experience brought a whole new perspective and purpose to what I was trying to do.  
Through the years, the lines of masculinity and femininity have drawn closer and closer until we no longer have a clear definition of what either side should look like.  No wonder so many people are confused as to whether they are men or women!  The more blurred this line becomes, the more gay people there are and the more families are destroyed by the impact of this shattering effect.  When I truly came to realize this, a purpose clicked into place and I decided that it was something worth fighting for.   This realization had such a powerful effect on me, that I decided to stand even more firmly for it.  That is when I made the choice that I would wear a skirt all the time.  
Does this mean I am now of the belief that all women are to wear skirts all of the time?  Certainly not.  The main issue, first of all, is always the heart.  You can be in a high neck, long, pink, frilly dress and miss the whole point.  But you can also be feminine and modest without wearing a skirt.  I do believe that women should never shun, look down on or mock the wearing of skirts and dresses as I have seen done on many occasions.  The choice to wear a skirt all of the time is not a path for everyone but it is something that I believe every woman should make a part of her life.  I do so by choice, because of the stand that I have personally decided to take. 

(Continued in Part 10)

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