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Deception - Guest Writer, Rachel Stickler


Guest Writer, Rachel Stickler

          I went to Life Church tonight and they are doing a sermon series called 'Deception'.  It is about how the Enemy (the Devil) tries to deceive us.  You are thinking well, of course!  But it was a great sermon.

Photography by Rachel Stickler
          The Devil is able to disguise his true motives and twist good into evil and evil into good, at least he makes it all look that way. 

          The beginning of deception started in the Garden of Eden where Genesis 3:1-7 tells the story of the Fall.  The serpent said to Eve, "Did God really say that?"  ...And Eve questions it.  Then her convictions change because she is being deceived.  She thinks of how the fruit would be good for food and how beautiful it is and what wisdom that it might offer.... (As the serpent had told her).  As Eve bit into the fruit, the Devil was triumphant.  We don't want him to be the victor do we?

         Our Enemy has been deceiving from the beginning!  Don't let him fool you, as he is still around.  He still wants to snag your heart.

          Lust is a deception.  We look at what we do not have in stead of what we do.  And the devil and our own sinful nature tells us that we need that thing.

           The Devil will do anything, play upon your every weakness.  Don't let him prevail.  Take hold of God, do what He commands and know that the Devil is a deceiver and that he will not hesitate to make you stumble.


About guest writer - Rachel Stickler

          "I am a 16 year old born again Christian, a quadruplet, a dreamer, a bookworm, a writer, a wanna-be singer, a sinner, a lire, and a hater.  It's true.  I fall short of the glory of God yet he gave (and gives me) grace every day.  I fail, I fall, and I fly.  What can I say?  I am who God made me yet I am who I choose, and I choose to be His alone.  My writings are musings and my readings are dusty old books...I love it!  And if I get lucky, God will drop something in my lap that I can tell you about!  I want to change the world (Or should I say, I want God to change the world through me), and this generation.  If I went on, this would become a novel!  So...there is just a little taste of who I am and what my dreams are :)    

Rachel's Blog: Chosen Generation

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