Thursday, August 2, 2012

What is it about Swimsuits?

It always amazes me when I hear a girl talk about modesty (and seem very sincere) but the next day I would see her at the pool, fitness center, or beach in a scandalous outfit that is equivalent to our undergarments.  What is it about the swim suit (and even some other exercise clothing) that make us ladies (and men, while we are at it) think that it is okay to bare more skin publicly than we would at any other point?

For some reason it is okay to look “sexy” and flaunt skin off to everyone who sees you when you are exercising and swimming.   Unfortunately, it is incredibly immodest and I cannot believe that it is anywhere near pleasing to the Lord.  Now, I understand that you may want to look nice even when exercising and swimming.  And that’s great and totally doable!  It might be a little bit more expensive, but these options will last you for a long time if you simply take care of your clothes.  Here are some options for swimming modest! I hope you will use them and dress modestly during all activities in life – including exercising and swimming! And if you have other resources, please do share them!

SwimModest - SwimModest is my favorite place to get modest one-piece suits.  They are AWESOME.  I've owned three throughout a period of about 7-8 years and I've never been disappointed!

WholesomeWear - WholesomeWear has other VERY modest one-piece suits. They personally have to much cloth for me and are a little too cumbersome, but they are completely and totally modest.  I have heard some people say that they look frumpy and "legalistic" (whatever that means in this scenario?) but I like them and still very much consider them an option.

BeachTrading - BeachTrading has some very modest shorts and rash guards.  (They also have some very immodest outfits as well, however.)

Tuga - Like BeachTrading, Tuga has some very modest two piece options, as well as their fair share of immodest options.

Athleta - Similar in description to Tuga and BeachTrading

I've found that, when going in the two-piece is much simpler to find rash guards and tops that are modest then long shorts that are modest.  Here are two board shorts that I like because they go almost all the way to the knee (instead of being very close to the thigh).

KneeShorts Option - This one is slightly prettier

Lands' End Option - This one is a simple, standard black

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