Friday, August 3, 2012

Discovery Friday - Home Made Summer Dresses

Yes, summer is half over, but I somehow managed to finish my summer dress in time enough to wear it before fall arrives!  Actually, in truth, I have not yet finished it completely - But it's done enough for pictures!
My summer dress!  First, I chose a pattern that I liked  and then I raised the neckline and the back of it to make it more modest.  When I started the dress I had no intention of making the sleeves a different color but after making the sleeves that were on the pattern, I didn't like them at all and thought I would try something else!  I rather like the effect.  I also added the simple empire waist strip of blue that ties in the back.   This dress was supposed to turn out to be a simple, casual go to town dress but it turned out quite a bit more dressy then I had planned.  I stand out a bit in it, I'm afraid, but I still like it a lot.  I just wish I had been able to finish it closer to the beginning of summer.  Maybe I can make a fall dress and finish it in time for winter!

Chip made this 50's wrap dress last year.  
Since then she lost a lot of weight and had to put a lot of
pins in it to be able to wear it!  I guess she now has a bit more 
sewing to do on it.

Well, it's obviously a bit to late in the year to inspire you to make a summer dress of your own.  But if you start now you might be able to make a dress in time for fall!  If you have never made a dress before, I encourage you to try it!  You can start by finding a cheap sheet in a 2nd hand store, then buy a pattern that you like.  They often have pattern sales where you can get a pattern for 99 cents.  That's about the only time I ever buy patterns.  I hope you will try it and then let us know about it!  Have fun sewing!