Monday, August 6, 2012

Recipe Mondays: Breakfast Bars

In my pursuit of finding healthy breakfasts, I stumbled across this website with these yummy breakfast bars.  While I do not usually use them for breakfast, they make great snacks! :)  I like this recipe, because it is also easy to adjust.  You can substitute honey for the sugar and apple sauce for the oil in some cases (though, I've noticed this means sometimes that it doesn't stick together quite so well that way) and you can also add different nuts and fruit and other little things to spice it up! It is not THE healthiest recipe...but they aren't too bad either! :)

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If you want a much healthier, but slightly different, version of granola bars, I would highly recommend this recipe for Banana Almond Butter Breakfast Bars! :)  It is quite yummy, though it is a little different from the taste I am used to in regards to breakfast bars.

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