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Natural Remedies: Stomach Aches & Flus

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  • Stomach Ache
  • Vomiting 
  •  Diarrhea 
  • Fever/Chills 
  • Body aches/Headaches
 Home Remedies
  • TEAS: Chamomile, Ginger, and Mint/Peppermint teas help sooth both the patient, as well as the stomach. 
  • CHARCOAL: Charcoal tablets absorb all poisons that are causing the stomach ailment.
§        Diet 
  • BANANAS: Ripe or green bananas are known to stop diarrhea.  They also increase levels of potassium and magnesium which are quickly lost with stomach ailments. 
  • LEMON: Acidic fruits should generally be avoided, but one teaspoon of fresh lemon juice to one cup of water can help stop diarrhea.  This method is best used as a preventive, however. 
  • SALT: Sodium is rapidly depleted during stomach flus.  Broths are a great way to replenish sodium, but if broths cannot be handled, add small amounts of salt to teas and water to keep sodium levels up. 
  •  RICE WATER: Cook rice until just soft.  Strain rice out of the water.  Drink the rice water.  This is a great way to gain nutrition during recovery, as well as slow diarrhea and vomiting.  If patient cannot handle rice water by itself, add a little honey and cinnamon (for taste) or honey and ginger (to sooth the stomach). 
  • APPLESAUCE: Apples contain pectin.  This absorbs poisons within the stomach as well as slowing diarrhea and vomiting. 
  • BERRIES: Blueberries are high in antibacterial and antioxidants properties.  This absorbs the poisons, while also decreasing the symptoms.  This seems to be especially effective on children.  Blackberries, strawberries, and raspberries also have very similar properties, though blueberries are considered the best. 
  • GINGER: Ginger cookies can help soothe stomach aches. 
  • AVOID: Spicy foods and all dairy.   
  •  DRINK: Drink lots of water, teas, and ginger ale.  If ginger ale is unavailable, sprite or 7up are good second choices.
  • REST as much as possible. 
  • WARMTH: keep your body warm, as this will help keep your energy up (instead of your body having to fight to keep you warm!). 
  • MEDICATION: If battling a fever with a stomach bug, only use Tylenol/Acetaminophen as Aspirin/Motrin/Ibuprofen are known for aggravating stomach aches. 
PLEASE NOTE: These are only natural home remedies that no professional has reviewed or written.  This is not to take the place of professional medical advice, it is merely to aid you at home.  If you are concerned, it is best to call your doctor and follow instructions given by him/her.

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