Sunday, September 30, 2012

Stoop and Drink

Stoop and Drink
(Author Unknown)

After a hot and dusty drive a commercial traveler stopped his car in front of a hotel in Jonesville, Arkansas, one day in the spring.  As he entered the hotel he noticed a drinking fountain with the invitation written above, “Stoop and drink.”  He went toward it in anticipation of a cool, refreshing drink.  Upon reaching it he put out his hand to turn the water on, but found no handle.  Then he looked for a button to press, but found none,
Sitting down near by he tried to study out the perplexing situation.  Here he was thirsty and anxious to drink, and the invitation to stoop and drink only seemed to mock him.  As he thought of it, the words “Stoop and drink” began to make an impression on him.  Surely, he though, if those words are true I am to do nothing about turning the water on.

Again his thirst reminded him of his need, so he left his seat and walked across the lobby.  Ignoring the curious glances of any who might be watching him, he went to the drinking fountain and stooped - and lo, even before his mouth was opened, the cold, clear water flowed, so he drank and enjoyed the refreshing drought.
When his thirst was satisfied, he examined more closely the fountain that had so mystified him.  He finally discovered that it was controlled by an electric eye, so arranged that when a certain beam of light was interrupted a switch was thrown which opened the faucet.

What a picture this is of another fountain at which men are invited to drink!  It is the fountain of the Water of Life.  Many, because they do not understand all about it, refuse to drink.  Others think of the onlookers, and because of personal pride refuse to stoop and drink.  Many others are trying to do something, as this traveler would have done, could he have found a handle to turn or a button to press.  But no, there is nothing to do but stoop and drink.  Reader, if you are not saved, do this simple deed today.  Christ has died for your sins; simply humble yourself, open your heart, and let Him enter.  - M. Kenneth Morris

God Says:  “Let him that is athirst come, and whoever will, let him take the water of life freely.”  Rev. 22:17

Stoop and Drink

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