Friday, September 28, 2012

Discovery Friday - Dish Water Cell Phone

    My sister works part time at a home restoration company.  One day while talking with the plummer, he was telling her about his problem of constantly getting his phone soaked and what he has to do to dry it out.  (Being a plummer and having your phone get soaked... Somehow that is just a disturbing image)

The plummer told Chip that when his phone gets really wet, he simply places it in a zip lock bag or sealed plastic container with RICE!  The dry (D-R-Y)  rice pulls the moisture out of the electronic. Some times it takes a day or a few days depending on how wet the phone is.  If the phone is working again but a few of the buttons aren't then it just needs to be placed back in the rice for awhile longer.
        Only a few short days later, Chip was washing the dishes when she reached in the water and pulled out her cell phone!  She still had no idea how it got in the water or how long it had been there but it most certainly was NOT working.  She placed it in a bag of rice and it worked!  It gives an amazing extra flavor to the rice too.  Yummy!  (No, really, I'm joking... Please don't eat the rice if you try this. )

So there you have it!  A way to fix your wet cell phone.  I imagine this would probably work on other small electronics as well.  Great information to have but hopefully you will never need it!

Additional comment!  After I scheduled this post, my mom managed to send her cell phone through the washing machine - on the HEAVY cycle!  She thought her cell phone was done for but she decided to try the rice trick anyhow and it WORKED!  

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