Monday, September 17, 2012

Recipe Mondays - Unique Cinnamon Rolls

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Oh bad.... This is very, very bad!  I'm craving cinnamon rolls, so what do I do? Look up unique cinnamon roll ideas! YUMMY!  

Why make regular cinnamon rolls when you can make them into hearts?!  How fun!

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 Forget making the hearts!  Let's make cute little bunnies!!!

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Ohhhhhhhh! No, forget the bunnies! 
Cinnamon roll waffles! Oh la la!

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Whoa! Change of plans! Drop everything and make BLUEBERRY cinnamon rolls! YUM!

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How about making blueberry bunny, waffle cinnamon rolls in a heart shaped pan?  That would cover just about everything, wouldn't it?

Well, now that I have thoroughly tortured myself by looking at unique cinnamon roll ideas, I'm going to go home and have a salad. ;)

~ Missy

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