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September 17, 2011

Emotions.  They can be a beautiful thing, but they often are a girl’s worst enemy.  I am sure that almost all of you have had a 30 minutes period where you have gone from happy, to frustrated, to furious, to sobbing, back to laughing again – probably for no real particular reason.  Sound familiar?

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But oftentimes it is not because of the actual emotions; it is instead because of how we, as girls, handle
emotions.  The Bible says that women are the weaker vessel (1 Peter 3:7), and while I think this might be pointing to physical weakness, I think it also has to do with emotional weakness, as well as the fact that we rely heavily on our authority (dads or husbands) for spiritual leadership.  Oftentimes we get overwhelmed and just can’t handle things well – and that’s when our emotions go wild.

But in the midst of all of it, we, as ladies, also really need to evaluate how we handle our emotions.  It truly does make a huge difference.  I can remember getting really upset and just crying over anything and everything, as well as just snapping at my siblings over little petty things.  My Mom would often tell me that while things might not be perfect, I had a very good life…and only I could control my emotions.

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When I think back to all the times, I would always blame my emotions on a circumstance.  And while circumstances definitely might kindle the emotional wildfire, if we are disciplined, we can control our emotions.  Taking a step back from the situation and really thinking about the big picture (all of our life vs. a tiny little incident) can let us get a grip on our emotions and ultimately keep them in check.  Other times, it might be important to simply go into a quiet room, have a quiet cry, pray or read the Bible, and then pick yourself back up and keep on keeping on. 

It might be difficult at first, but the more practice one gets, the easier it becomes to do.  Through this practice of controlling our emotions, it also allows us to rely heavily on His strength and to realize that at times we can only get through because of Him.  And if you think about it, your family might like being around you a lot more, too! 

Emotions are a beautiful thing which add character, when kept neatly in check with reality.  The moment we let them get out of control, however, they can become a raging storm whereupon everyone nearby will scatter for shelter.  It is important that we don’t let our emotions control us, and that we, instead, control our emotions.

"If you are happy and you know it, clap your hands!!!!"
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  1. Thank you for sharing that! It's so true. I have caught myself using them as an excuse recently for various things. Good thoughts to keep in mind and work on!