Saturday, March 31, 2012

Corn Packs

Here in Oregon it is ... well, freezing in the winter.  Being a Colorado-girl from the Rocky Mountains you'd think I could handle cold.  But I've learned a valuable lesson -- the humidity in Oregon makes the cold way worse than the dry cold in Colorado!

Our house was built in 1918...  Let's just insulation, inefficient furnace, etc.  You get the point.  And if you didn't, the point is -- it's COLD.  So we've come up with very creative ways to stay warm.  The most common one is to simply make a Corn Pack...actually, we make Rice Packs as it is easier to find rice than it is to find non-popping-corn. (At least, that's my opinion.)

If you want to make one though, this website has a great step-by-step instruction to make a very easy one! :)  Hope you stay warm as we finish out the winter -- and maybe these Rice or Corn Packs will make it a more pleasant task!

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