Friday, November 16, 2012

Discovery Fridays: Thanksgiving Decos

Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching! It is a beautiful time of the year, and while I believe we should be thankful each and every is nice to have a holiday dedicated to thankfulness.  My husband's parents and sisters will be visiting us for this holiday, and I wanted to make the time special and memorable.  I wanted to decorate...but I didn't want to have to pay an arm and a leg for decorations.  So here are some creative things that you could do for very little money to make this upcoming holiday special. :)

Why not make a beautiful fall wreath - with paper and glitter?  It is definitely much cheaper than most wreaths you could buy.  I also love this one as it is unique, sparkly, and, yes, inexpensive. :)

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What about making a garland with leaf shapes spelling out "Give Thanks," "Be thankful" or something similar? It is very inexpensive and a simple afternoon project.

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Many people have vases, popcorn (unpopped), and candles lying around the house.  Why not combine these for a beautiful centerpiece?  Check out this (and other) decoration idea from My Heart's Desire!

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Simply Vintage Girl has an amazing idea of a "Thankful Tree."  I love this idea and hope to implement it this year.  Ever played that "game" (for lack of a better word) where everyone goes around the table before the Thanksgiving meal stating something they are thankful for?  I've got to admit, I was never a fan of that game.  Not because I'm not thankful, just that by the end everyone was coming up with crazy and silly stuff because they didn't want to be repetitive.  I also just don't like talking in front of people, and I know many people are the same way.  So why not set up a thankful tree where everyone can leave their thanks.  This allows for a beautiful decoration, a place to leave thanks, and, when people have nothing else to do, it would be fun to read about what other people wrote!

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Something cute to hold utensils is also a great idea, and the Idea Room came up with a winner (at least in my book).  This could work for both plastic and regular utensils, and it would just add a little spice to the table or buffet.  I am definitely going to print these out and use them for this holiday season!

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What are some of your ideas for this Thanksgiving? I hope that you all have a wonderful, thankful season!

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