Monday, December 12, 2011

Solid Perfume Recipe by Leah B.

Please enjoy this solid perfume recipe and article from our guest writer, Leah B!

This is the perfect homemade gift for every girl on your list!  Mother, co-worker, friend, grandma, or neighbor.  Perfume is a classic present, and when it's made by hand it makes it even more special!  This recipe is very easy, but you would never guess that.

Solid perfume has recently become very just pour this in a small jar or container (with lid) and it will last forever!  Beeswax and essential oils can become pricey depending on where you live, but you use very little in this recipe, which means you can use one batch of either over and over again.  This makes it very inexpensive gift.

3 Tablespoons grated beeswax
6 Tablespoons almond oil
4 Vitamin E capsules
Essential or Fragrance Oils

Combine beeswax and almond oil.  Melt mixture in a double broiler.  Remove from heat and add the Vitamin E by puncturing the capsules (with a pin) and squirting the contents into the bowl.  Fill a small container almost to the top.  Add 8-10 drops of oil and stir with toothpick.  Leave mixture undisturbed until it solidifies.  Wrap and give! 

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