Saturday, September 17, 2011


Hello Ladies!

So with life calming down (hahaha!) one of our goals is to get this website back up and hopping.  However, that is alllllll subject to be a little iffy, as we still have a lot going on -- families to take care of, babies on the way, housework, school, projects, etc.

But we would LOVE to hear what you would like to see more of!  What would you like to see on Pure Femininity?  Is there anything you would like changed?  What would like to see more of?  What are your favorite parts? 

Even if you are not subject to commenting, we would love to know that you read this blog and what your favorite parts are!

Please lend us your feedback.  Just leave us a comment and hopefully we can get this website running a bit more again!  Articles will be posted soon!!!

God bless,

The Pure Femininity Team

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