Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Week Before the Wedding

The Week Before the Wedding
By Lisa, May 23, 2011

So, it is the week before my wedding and you can imagine the craziness ensuing before this big event! Something I have to keep reminding myself to stop and breathe…that everything is going to be okay…that this is for the biggest event in my life; that it’s fun…and worth every single moment.

A while ago I wrote about enjoying everything you do.  Sure – there have been
extremely stressful moments.  People have needed to set me down and tell me everything is going to be okay.  However, I’ve learned to enjoy every moment I have with my family, cherishing each one as I know these are my last.  I won’t be living with them; I won’t come back to this house as my family is moving.  While a lot of the changes have been hard, to a certain extent I believe they have been blessings as it has let me cherish what I have even more.

I’ve heard many girls say, “I just want to get married.”  Like Leah wrote in her article about true love waiting, there is so much more to life than just waiting for love.  Yes, it is wonderful when love comes and you find that one special person in life.  But you never get these days back as singles with beloved family.  Cherish them.

In the mean time, while cherishing those precious memories, there is a ton of baking to do.  We are making turkey salad sandwiches, so Mom and I have cooked two turkeys and frozen the meat so we can make those turkey salad sandwiches shortly before the wedding.  We’ve also made 200 mini cream puffs, 150 linzer torte bars, 100 lemons bars, and 75 snickerdoodles.  We are busy making plans of how to make sure everything goes smoothly for the rehearsal, set up, wedding, and reception.

It is busy, but good.  I am afraid this will be my last post before the wedding, but I’ll try to post normal articles at a fairly regular basis…and give a recap of my wedding and the things I learned later.  God bless your week!


  1. Sending smiles and hugs your way! Can't wait to see pictures of your day. The Lord is faithful... :)